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Wholesome Dog Food

This page is simply an entry to my site for the BEST in a
Whole Food and Supplement
site for our family pets. (Dogs and cats.)

Get your pet's food delivered right to your door in whatever time span you prefer and get discounted pricing as well by signing up for the Auto-Ship Option. (20-30% discount)

Auto-Ship Option: No risk

  • Never run out of food again.
  • Never haul home heavy bags of food.
  • Let the UPS man bring it right to your door!
  • Schedule Auto-Shipments to occur every 14 to 90 days or anywhere in between. (We have ours shipped once a month.)
  • No sign up or cancellation fees. Totally risk free! 100% product guarantee.


  • Freshness guaranteed.
  • Manufactured in small batches.
  • Delivered in No More than 6 weeks since manufacture. (Usually less)

Just Say NO to Lousy and Often Allergy Causing Ingredients:

  • NO Corn
  • NO Wheat
  • NO Dairy
  • NO By Products
  • NO Artificial Colors or Flavorings

Say YES to Quality Ingredients and Good Science:

  • YES to whole food ingredients
  • YES to products created by a Veterinarian of National Reputation and Highly Credentialed in Nutrition.
  • YES to low heat and fast cooking methods.
  • YES to a formula based on real science and not based on marketing to a human's sense of sight, smell and texture.
  • YES to human grade ingredients.

Life's Abundance, a Healthy Pet Net product, there is no other choice for the life, health and longevity of your pets.

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